New and Used workstations in Cleveland

We Buy & Sell NEW & USED Workstations.

We specialize in office furniture in Cleveland, and workstations in Cleveland. We do reconfiguration and will remove surplus product. 

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What are your Workstation needs:

Is this area open? Do you need stations in runs (attached in a row), in a pack (backs attached, sharing a wall), or do they need to be individual (not attached)?

What size is the room? *Fire Code states aisle ways must be a minimum of 36”wide.

How many people need to fit? Are these permanent workspaces or salesman/drop in and use employees?

How much storage do they need? *This can be based on each station, and employee needs.

Do they have visitors? Is space for guest seating needed?

Do you need any Manager stations? What additional features do they need?

You can fax your layout to 216-566-9044 or email it to . We will fit in the best options for you and your space. 

Workstations and Cubicles have many options and features to consider when making decisions. The price range varies based upon upgrades, and features. A standard workstation is 6’ x 6’ with 2 drawer units, possibly 1 binder bin or shelf, and the panels are 59”- 67” high. Workstations offer privacy when you have no hard walls, or they can offer the ability to have individual space in an area of employees that need to work closely together. Almost anything you would need is available. Some upgrades are an additional charge, and some require a more expensive program. A workstations order takes roughly 3-6 weeks from the time the order is processed to the day we receive into our warehouse. 5 day shipping programs are available if you have some flexibility with fewer options. These quick ship programs do not have extra “rush” charges. They can merely be assembled quickly because of the limited sizes, fabrics, and finishes available. 

DO YOU CURRENTLY HAVE LAMINATE OR WOOD FURNITURE BUT NOW NEED TO HAVE PRIVACY FOR YOUR EMPLOYEES? THE MOST COST EFFECTIVE WAY IS TO WRAP YOUR EXISTING OFFICE FURNITURE. You can add or remove pieces, and reconfigure based on your individual needs. Call us if you need office furniture in Cleveland. Call us if you need office furniture in Akron. Call us for all of your office furniture and workstation needs in Cleveland, Akron, Canton and the surrounding areas. 

Workstation 101

Standard 6x6 Station

Standard 6x6 2-pack

Standard 6x6 6-pack

6x6 Wrapped Lam Shared Station

6x6 Wrapped Laminate Station

12x12 4-pack Open Desking